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We make immersive and interactive Digital XR experiences.
Be it Instagram AR, Snap AR, Web AR, Web VR, Jio Immerse and more.

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with our unique products
that come alive in Augmented Reality.

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AR can be used with traditional marketing campaigns like posters, hoardings, flyers by bringing them to life with Augmented Reality.
Let users experience your services virtually before visiting the store.
Give instant gratification when the user interacts with your in-store or ooh experience in the form of discounts/coupons etcs.

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AR can be used to promote events/movies/tv-shows that are happening.
You can use AR to give users a sneak peek of the event to give them a taste of what the element/experience looks like or make them part of the show and generate user generated contents on social media for organic promotion

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Bring your product to life using social AR and Web AR. With AR, users can see your product in 3D and in their own space and convenience, thus increasing sales probability.

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Why us?

There are stories everywhere. They are influenced by the lives of people and the fascinating remembrance where they cut through with brands. DARE Digital help magnifying those stories, irrespective of however it exits, the reason because these tales speak louder and that makes a difference to your brand. They may be in large towns, a growing city, or a village.

The paths are connected and a very few can guide you the route as we can.

We dare to do it!

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Heads who dare

Syamlal Pullamballi, Fouder of DARE Digital

Syamlal Pullamballi

Founder & Creative Technologist

A millennial who grew up with technology with the love and passion for digital enabled storytelling, this hard core fan dude of Jerry from Tom & Jerry became an advertising professional to give wings to his ideas. He also worked with a few startups to make their ideas come to life. We could name a few companies like AJIO.com, Bates 141, Bates CHI & Parters, Langoor Digital, Quasar, Wagr, LoanFront to those Syamlal's passion meant business

But the quest for building dreams never let him sit in one place. He DARED, to open the world of stories in AR & VR.

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Sriram Padmanabhan

Sriram Padmanabhan

Co-Founder & Strategist

6 foot 3 inches, cranky, funny, shy, annoying, silly, insane, moody, tall, large, playful, boring, eater, excited about life, and living in every moment of everyday life. Started his career as a Wealth manager before getting into the madness of Advertising and Media. Over 15 years of advertising & marketing experience. With robust integrated experience and having natural interpersonal and communication abilities Ram has managed national, regional and local campaigns that proved to achieve remarkable and profitable results.

Previous work experience with JWT, Bates 141, Saatchi & Saaatchi, Asianet, Surya TV.

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